Waldo and the Desert Island Adventure 🏝️

It was raining on Michael’s last day of vacation. He wanted to play on the beach one more time, but the rain didn’t stop.

Michael thought it would be crazy to go out into the rain but Waldo seemed to think differently.

No one else was outside. They had the whole beach to themselves. Michael wasn’t sure if he would enjoy the walk in this wet weather.

But after jumping in a few puddles, Michael forgot all about the rain. They both found some driftwood.
“Where do you think it came from?” asked Michael. “Maybe a huge bird flew by and dropped it on its way to build a nest.”

Michael and Waldo sat down and thought about what fun it would be to have an adventure. “What if there was a huge bird – a really huge bird – and it saw us and…..”

Suddenly Waldo and Michael heard loud squawking above them. “Look out!” shouted Michael. “It’s going to get us!” A huge bird dived down to attack – when all at once a sea monster came out of the water and swallowed the bird in one gulp!

Now the sea monster was chasing Michael and Waldo! They paddled as fast as they could. Would they reach the desert island in time?

They had just made it safely to the shore when Michael spotted some footprints in the sand. “Pirates!” he cried. “And they’ve come to bury a treasure!”

“There’s their ship!”
For Michael and Waldo, there was no going back.
“Attack!” cried Michael, and both ran toward the pirate ship.

It was a wild battle but soon the pirates took flight. The ship and the whole island belonged to Michael and Waldo.

They took their time to look at all the treasure left behind by the pirates but their adventures were not yet over.

Soon they felt hot flames on their backs. Luckily the brave lion they were riding was faster than the dragon.

After riding down a huge waterfall, they finally reached safety and they were very close to home. Michael and Waldo decided they had had enough adventures for the day.

As they soaked in a hot bath with lots of bubbles, they sang wild pirates’ songs together. When they were all clean and dry, there was a cup of hot chocolate waiting for each of them.

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