Sleep Tight Stories brings you new calming bedtime stories every week. Each story is just the right length, and safe for kids of all ages.

Kid friendly narration. Each story is told slowly for young ears, is family friendly and told in Sheryl’s soothing voice, ensuring both comprehension and calmness.

Eliminate screens at bedtime.The stories create a positive environment for kids to rest from their busy, screen filled lives. In addition to helping kids sleep, listening to stories helps kids learn to read and communicate.

Extensive library. New kid friendly stories are added every week and feature originals and the classics that never grow old.

Music that supports, not overwhelms. Music and sound accompaniment are by Grammy-winning artists for the purpose of supporting our stories and to aid in lulling kids to sleep.

Children love our podcast. It engages them, fires their imagination and brings them joy.

Get more goodnights. Our stories add a little happily-ever-after to your bedtime routine.


Created for families, by parents. The inspiration to create Sleep Tight Stories, and all the podcasts that followed, came from former students of Sheryl telling her how much they missed her classroom story time. As a result, we started thinking of ways to extend and expand that experience.

We were familiar with podcasts, they were often enjoyed as a compliment to our own sleep time story telling, and though we tried other mediums, podcasts have proven to be perfect for sharing stories with our extended family of listeners around the world.

Since we started producing Sleep Tight Stories, our podcast has been downloaded millions of times by children and their families all over the world.


Sleep Tight Stories is produced by a husband and wife team based in Prince Edward Island.

Sheryl is the heart and voice of our podcast and an elementary educator with over 25 years of experience. Sharing stories has always been her passion. She is most at home in contexts that allow her to share her love of reading and to work with young children – helping them flourish as human beings.

Clark writes our stories and produces our audio and music. He got his start making music noise throughout the greater Toronto area and spent over 20 years in Taiwan and China working in experience design. His work focuses on answering the question, what if screen time was good for children?


Sheryl and Clark have studied and are advocates for various methods that help children become more mindful, focused and relaxed.

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