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Sleep Tight Stories relies upon the generosity of its audience. We are an independent husband and wife team and gladly accept support through a variety of means. This helps us to create great calming audio entertainment for your family, without relying on paid advertising. In return, we offer supporters exclusive content and benefits above and beyond what is available for free. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, our wonderful listeners.

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Sleep Tight Premium brings you the best calming audio entertainment for children of all ages. When you become a Sleep Tight Premium member, not only will you get exclusive content not available elsewhere, but you will also help us spend more time creating calming entertainment for your children. Help your children become calm, focused, and get a good night’s rest with a subscription to Sleep Tight Premium.

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If you become a supporter, it is our goal to ensure that no matter at what level you choose to support, you’ll get back more than you give. If you aren’t interested in the benefits of a premium membership, but do want to support Sleep Tight Stories with a one-time payment or pay-what-you-can subscription donation, you can do so below.

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