Scaredy Boo


Under the bed lived a monster, a monster named Scaredy Boo.
Boo was afraid of everything. He would have been scared of you!

Each night, the other small monsters raced around the house having fun.
Though all the children were sleeping, Boo feared they’d wake up someone!

Boo sighed, “I’m frightened of Big Things, Small Things and Wiggly Things too!
I’m little Scaredy Boo monster. Wouldn’t these things scare you?”

Scaredy Boo didn’t like noises, things that went crackle or squeak.
Hearing strange whispers and rustles made poor Boo’s legs get all weak!

Late one night, Boo heard loud footsteps. “Help! Something’s out there!” he said.
“Hello,” the Thing called. “You hiding?” It peeked at Boo under the bed.

Scaredy Boo trembled. “Who are you? I jump when someone shouts BOO!
I’m a little Scaredy Boo monster. Wouldn’t you be scared too?”

“Why are you scared?” smiled the stranger. “I’m Spike – a monster like you!
Come out, and let’s play together. Playing’s what monsters do!”

Poor Boo felt ever so worried. He’d never been out before.
Night-time was all dark and scary! Creakity-creak, creaked the floor.

“Come on!” Spike called to Boo kindly. “Let’s play with all of these toys!”
“Shh!” Scaredy whispered. “The children! You’ll wake them with all of the noise!”

Boo saw a huge black shape looming! Oh, what a horrible sight!
“Help!” he cried, diving for cover. There he sat, shaking with fright.

Scaredy Boo stuttered, “Wh-hat is that? I jump when someone shouts BOO!
I’m a little Scaredy Boo monster. Wouldn’t you be scared too?”

“That’s just your shadow!” Spike told Boo. “Everything had one – look, see?”
Scaredy Boo felt a little bit silly: “All I was scared of was me!”

“Help! There’s a Twitchy Thing!” Boo gasped. Spike grinned, “It’s only a mouse!”
“Oooh! It’s quite friendly!” Boo giggled. “I like exploring this house!”

Scaredy Boo met all of the monsters. “It’s so much fun playing,” he said.
“Thank you, Spike – I’m glad you found me. It’s lonely under the bed!”

Wheee! From a shelf dropped a spider. Scaredy Boo’s fun stood on end!
“I still don’t like spiders!” Boo giggled. “They scare me too!” laughed his friend.

Boo shouted, “Let’s play tomorrow! It’s so exciting and new!”
“Shh!” all his monster friends whispered. “YOU”RE noisy now, little Boo!”


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