Lobster in my Pocket 🦞

Story by Deirdre Kessler.

This Maritime classic tells the magical story of Lee, a lonely girl in a coastal fishing village. One day she meets Lucky, a talking lobster trapped in a crate on the wharf. Lee sets Lucky free, and the two become friends. When Lee falls into the ocean during a terrible storm, Lucky shows how much he cares about her!

✨ Deirdre Kessler is a Prince Edward Island writer and teacher. She is the author of five novels for young people and seven picture books, including the award-winning “Brupp Rides Again“. She teaches children’s literature and creative writing at the University of Prince Edward Island. For more information see her website deirdrekessler.com.✨

Used with permission of the author. Book art by Brenda Jones.

? Please note that the water scene might be upsetting to some children.

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