Underpants Thunderpants


One day when the weather is sunny and fine, Dog hangs his underpants out on the line. But thunder and lightning soon fill up the sky, Underpants thunderpants look at them fly.
Over the ocean, the jungle, and town. Where will those undies come fluttering down?

“How odd,” said the submarine captain below. First I saw lightning and now I see snow. Down in the sea, not far from the beach, “A giant! A giant!” The little fish screech. Octopus wriggles and jiggles with glee “four pairs of underpants perfect for me!”
Underpants Plunderpants! Just imagine that! Roger the pirate has got a new hat!

Safe out of sight from the croc’s hungry eyes, Monkey’s discovered a cunning disguise! Elephant’s trunk has been tickled by bees.
“Oh, bother,” he grumbles, “I’m going to sneeze but I don’t have a tissue,
what shall I do? A jumbo sized hanky, how handy, atchoo.”
Watch it! A hunter is out on the snoop. Underpants blunderpants splat in the poop.

Up at the palace the king says, “Oh my! Three pairs of underpants baked in a pie!”
A two-headed alien stares from his lair….”Underpants Wonderpants, now I’m not bare!”

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