Troll … Two … Three … Four

Trolls like to laze around twiddling their toes,
Picking their noses and having a doze.
They love to creep up behind goats and go “Boo!”
Except for our sad, lonely troll Boogaloo.

The other tolls grid but could not understand
why Boogaloo felt so alone in Troll Land.
“All I want is a friend,” he thought with a sigh,
And just then, a shiny, red THING floated by!

He ran after the thing and was
running so fast,
He went straight by the sign that said

A second trill,followed
behind Boogaloo,
Thinking “Where is he going?
I want to go too!”

They walked through the KEEP – OUT clouds straight to a place
Where a HUMAN BEING stood with a very shocked face.
The human being screamed “I SEE TROLLS!” Very loud
And fled as a third troll came out of the cloud.

Another troll – number four
Followed them, too.
Marching in line
Right behind Boogaloo

And before you could say
There were crowds
Of curious trolls popping out,
Through the clouds.

Trolls foul and furry were marching along
Singing their favorite troll marching song.

Troll two, three, four
We’re the trolls who grunt and snore

Troll two, three, four
We don’t know there might be more
But we can only count to fourrrrrr

The humans were frightened-
The trolls looked so scary,

As the trolls passed a park, Boogaloo snuck away,
He opened the gate and he ran in to play!

In a house I just nearby, a boy stood on a chair,
He whispered, “HEY, LOOK, there’s a troll over there!

He looks a bit lonely, I’ll just go and see
If maybe he’d like to play with somebody like me.”

“Hello,” said the boy, “my name’s Jake. Who are you?”
The little troll smiled and said “Boogaloo!”
“Come play on this whizz- thing!” Boogaloo cried.
“All right,” answered Jake.
“But we call it a slide.”

“Will you be my very, best friend, Boogaloo?”
“Yes, please!” The troll answered.
“Will you be mine, too?”

And humans and troll all crept closer to see
What very best friends Trolls and Humans could be.

There’s nothing between trolls and humans today:
The signs all came down, the clouds drifted away.
Together they play with balloons and toy boats,
And no one is frightened, not even the goats!

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