Elephant has a Cold 🐘

It was a peaceful morning in the jungle. Parrot was flying through the trees. Giraffe was nibbling leaves. Monkey was picking coconuts. Everything was calm and quiet unless…..


The treetops rattled and the ground trembled.

“Earthquake?” cried Giraffe.

“No,” squawked PArrot, diving down to his friends. “It’s Elephant. He’s got a cold.”

“Ah…..ah……. ACHOO!”

CRASH! Large rocks began sliding into the river.

“This is awful!” said Monkey. “We have to find a cure for Elephant’s cold or we’ll never get any peace.”

Together, the animals went to Elephant’s home.

“Hello,” sniffed Elephant when he saw his friends, “I had a tode in my dunk.”

“Pardon?” asked Giraffe politely.

“He says he has a cold in his trunk,” Parrot explained.
“Warm coconut milk is very soothing,” said Monkey. “Try this.”

Elephant stuck out his trunk and tried to drink some of the milk. “Slip-slurp….ah…. Ah….. ACHOO!”

The sneeze sent the coconut milk splashing over everyone.

“Scary,” sniffed Elephant, miserably.

“We’ll have to call Dr. Lion,” said Parrot. “He’s the only one who can cure Elephant’s cold.”

When Dr. Lion arrived in the jungle, he looked down Elephant’s trunk.

“Say ah,” he began. “Oh, yes. Just as I thought. The only cure for this cold is ….. lots of rest.”

The animals gathered leaves and twigs to make a cozy bed for Elephant, and soon he was fast asleep.

Elephant slept for two whole days. On the third morning, Elephant woke up, stretched his trunk, and took a deep breath.

“Ah…….ah…..aaaaahhhhhhhh! I feel SO much better,” he announced. “Thank you all for looking after me. You’ve been such good friends. And, of course, I would do the same for you!”

“That’s good,” sniffled Parrot, “because……ah……ah…..ACHOO! I think I may be next.”

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