Dinosaur Attack

Felix the dinosaur was the smallest dinosaur in his herd, but there was one thing he could do better than all the others. He could run very, very fast.
Felix, slow down! the other dinosaurs said to him every day as he whizzed past. But Felix wouldn’t listen.

One day, the dinosaurs were munching leaves in their camp when they heard a loud THUMP! THUMP!
Its T.rex! the chief dinosaur shouted. HIDE!

All the dinosaurs did exactly as they were told.all except Felix, who had an idea. There was a cliff nearby, and at the bottom was a large lake. If T.rex chased after him, perhaps Felix could lead him off the cliff!

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! T.rex stomped into the camp. Felix took a breath and jumped out in front of him. Silly old T.rex! he shouted, and blew a raspberry.
T.rex bared his teeth. No one blows raspberries at me! he roared, and he started to chase Felix.

Felix ran faster than he had ever run before, all the way to the cliff – and T.rex got closer and closer.
Just before Felix reached the edge, he grabbed hold of a bush and stopped sharp. But T.rex was too big to stop himself in time, and he ran straight off the cliff and landed in the lake. SPLASH!

Good riddance! said Felix, peering over at T.rex spluttering in the lake below.
All the other dinosaurs in the herd slowly came out of their hiding places.
Felix, youre a hero! said the chief. No, Im not, said Felix in a modest voice. Im just a very fast runner.
Well, were very proud of you! the chief said. And well never complain about you running again!

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