Jake’s New Neighbours

Jake is looking out the front window at a big truck parked across the street at their old neighbour’s house. He calls his sister Jennifer to show her and Jennifer reminds him that Mr. MacDonald moved away and these are probably their new neighbours. Jake continues watching and sees some very strange things going on. He is convinced these new neighbours must be very unusual and when his mother tells him the next morning they are going to go over and welcome them to the community, Jake tries to convince her not to go.

Mr. Crow Goes and Tells 🦝

Mr. Raccoon and Mr. Possum decide to have a dinner party and invite all the single men in the forest. When they are making their list they decide not to invite Mr. Crow as he goes to bed very early and is very disagreeable. When the party gets loud it wakes up Mr. Crow and he decides to go and see where the noise is coming from. When he realizes they are having a party and they didn’t invite him he decides to add some more excitement.

Zack Has To Give A Presentation P.2

In this part Zack finally gets to give his presentation. Zack has gone to Rachel’s house to practice and have lasagna. He doesn’t understand how practicing at her place will be any different or help. Rachel calls the audience and when Zack sees them he starts practicing. Will his second try at his presentation be any better?

Zack Has To Give A Presentation

Do you get nervous when you need to speak in your class? Zack has to give a presentation and he is really nervous. He has practiced and practiced but he still would rather stay home. His mom tells him to take a deep breath and it will be over before he knows it, will that be true?

The Story of a White Rocking Horse – P.6 🎠

This is the final part of The White Rocking Horse. In this part the White Rocking Horse is at the toy doctor’s hospital and chatting with an old friend about times they had together. When the White Rocking Horse gets taken home Dave is so excited. When he wants to build his railroad again he leaves the White Rocking Horse in the hallway. Luckily he did as there are some visitors to the house that night that the White Rocking Horse is going to help with.

Bernice’s Resolutions 🐻

Bernice is back and wants to talk to Papa Bear about something the teacher mentioned at school. First she wants to show Papa what she looks like when she gets home. Papa Bear says she looks like a snow bear and after they get her cleaned up Bernice goes in for her cookies and a hot drink. Bernice and Papa Bear talk about her day and then Bernice asks her questions.

The Story of a White Rocking Horse – P.5 🎠

This is the fifth part of our story The White Rocking Horse. Dave has gotten the rocking horse as a gift and he is so excited. When Dave and Dorothy take their toys outside to play some friends come over and they play for a long time, taking turns riding the horse. After a while they take a break and the dog, Carlo, comes running along and bumps into the white rocking horse. He falls down the steps with a bang and a bump. Will he be okay?

The Story of a White Rocking Horse – P.4 🎠

The rocking horse has been taken from the toy store and has been given as a gift to the young boy named Dave. When the rocking horse arrives, he spends some time in the attic and makes friend with a jumping jack. It is finally time for Dave to get his present so the rocking horse is taken down stairs where he meets an old friend, the sawdust doll.

The Story of a White Rocking Horse – P.3 🎠

This is the third part of our story The White Rocking Horse. The Rocking Horse and the elephant were having a race and they had to stop. They got taken back to their spots in the store and then the new day started. A loud boy came in demanding that his mother buy the rocking horse for him but his mother didn’t agree, thankfully. A dad comes in later and says he’ll take the rocking horse for his son and they head home. The Rocking Horse is put in the attic until it is time for him to be given and when he goes downstairs he meets an old friend.

The Story of a White Rocking Horse – Ch.2 🎠

In the second chapter of The Story of a White Rocking Horse the elephant and the rocking horse decide to race. The elephant has put on roller skates to try and keep up with the rocking horse and they are ready to go. They are all ready to go when Candy Rabbit says “Hush!”