Fiona Comes for a Visit 🌬️

Fiona Comes for a Visit was inspired by events which took place in Prince Edward Island this past week. Bennett is getting ready for school and when he gets onto the bus his friends tells him that a “Visitor” is coming this weekend. Bennett knows there is a storm coming and when he gets home he talks about it with his parents. When he wakes up the next morning and there is no power he realizes that it might not be as fun as he had hoped it would be.

The Transfer Student P9 – The Night Case

The Transfer Student part 9 is the next story in our series about Red, the Transfer Student from Mars. Red is getting more used to her new home now but still minds the early mornings, particularly after she has been up late reading books. The Solving a Mystery Club has found a new mystery for the group to work on, but they need to have a sleepover in order to investigate this one.

Willie and Brook Create Art 🎨

Willie and Brook Create Art is a story about a brother and sister who don’t always get along. Brook is working on a great Lego castle and when Willie wants to also build with Lego she tells him to take his Lego and go across the room. Willie doesn’t always listen, what will happen when Willie takes his things over to where Brook is creating?

Mia and Miru 🚀

This story is about a young girl who is leaving home with her family on an adventure. This trip was definitely not her idea but she had to go. School on board the Orion is a hybrid approach and Mia spends lots of time studying. When she meets Miru she gets frustrated by the changes made to her schedule but in the end maybe it is all for the best.

The Magical Book of Dreams – P2 📖

Ester did not get a chance to see what was inside the book before the candle blew out. When she gets up, after a sleepless night, she decides to put the book in her bag and try to find time during the day to look at it. It isn’t until after school, on her way home, that she gets a chance to open the book. She takes the right side of the fork again and sits in the clearing and opens the book to see what is inside. A piece of paper floats out when she opens the book and when she reads what is written on it she looks forward to reading more.

The Magical Book of Dreams – P1 📖

Ester lives in Shirewood, a very quiet, safe place but she wants adventure. She is daydreaming in class when the headmaster calls upon her to pay attention, but she finds it difficult. On the way home she comes to the fork in the road and just like everyday she sees going left takes her home and right takes her away from Shirewood. This day she decides to go right for a little while to see what she can see.

Bernice’s First Day of School 🐻

Bernice is finally going to her first day of school. She wakes up early and tries to stay in bed like Papa Bear asked her to but she is just too excited. Bernice heads down to have breakfast after Papa Bear helps her find her lucky socks that have gone missing. Mama and Papa are happy to hear about Bernice’s first day of school as they eat dinner together. Bernice gets a bedtime story while she soaks in the tub and then she’s off to bed.

Bernice Gets Ready For School 🐻

Bernice is getting everything ready for school and after spending some time at Bobby’s she has some questions about her supplies and whether she is ready for school or not. Papa Bear patiently answers her questions and tells her a story when he puts her to bed.

A Cat and a Guinea Pig have an Adventure 🛋️

A Cat and a Guinea Pig have an Adventure is a story about Tom and Graham Cracker. Tom is visiting Tracy’s house while his owners are away on vacation. He decides, once he is out of his cage, to explore this new place and see what there is to see. When Tom heads down the hall he goes into a room and meets Graham Cracker. Graham Cracker has never left his room so they decide it is time for him to see the world and head out on an adventure.