Papa Bear Has a Bad Chest Cold 🐻

It’s a beautiful Spring day, and Bernice is excited to share how wonderful it is outside with Papa Bear. But when she gets home she finds out that Papa Bear does not feel well. Will she be able to help him feel better?

Are Jake’s New Neighbours Vampires?

Jake is at it again, and his imagination is running wild. Jake is having trouble sleeping because he keeps hearing noises during the night that wake him up. When he looks out the window, he sees his new neighbours doing things at 2 AM. What is going on? Are his new neighbour’s vampires? Why else would they be?

Bernice Learns How to Help Others 🐻

Do you like to help others? What is something you do that helps others? Bernice is learning about empathy at school, and she and Papa Bear talk about it at home and discuss what empathy is and what Bernice can do to help.

Nora Finds An Old Artifact P.4 πŸ›Έ

Norah has asked her father for some help with the Storybook. He didn’t believe it worked but agreed to look at it. Norah’s mom does not want to spend their last day tinkering in the Pod. She wants to see the large settlement near the river called Charlottetown. Norah’s dad does a quick scan before they head out, and they decide to take the Storybook with them when they leave. Will he be able to figure out why it can still work?

The Magical Book of Dreams – P11 πŸ“–

Ester is angry. Her mom made a promise they could read the book longer, but then abruptly closed the book and sent them to bed when the map glowed bright. Determined to discover the truth behind her fathers disappearance, Ester decides to go in search of the portal alone. Will her courageous efforts pay off? There’s only one way to uncover the truth and find out!

Flippy the Walrus

Do you like to use your imagination and go to far away, beautiful places? Flippy does. Flippy spends time with her bestest friend Evie but when Evie is sleeping Flippy likes to go on adventures using her imagination. Where is Flippy going to go tonight?

George and Charlie

George likes routine. When he wakes up in the morning he likes to do the same thing the same way every day. His Mother tries to do little things different with his breakfast to see if he can figure them out. George likes school but one day something unplanned happens and a new student arrives. She is nothing like George. Charlie, the new student, is wearing colourful clothes and loves to talk. She and George become good friends, will George be able to get used to this change?

The Magical Book of Dreams – P10 πŸ“–

Ester’s mother has the book and is spending some time thinking about her husband and all the memories that are coming up. Should she keep reading the book or should she put it aside and go to bed? She decides to be practical and put it aside for now. The next morning all of them are restless and Ester asks if they can’t just stay home and read more. They decide to go to school but stay up later that night to read as the next day is a holiday. What will happen when they start reading the book again?

The Magical Book of Dreams – P9 πŸ“–

Gimbal, Salena, and Avara have met up and are making plans about what to do next. First thing they are going to do is rest. Gimbal heads to the Inn where he has a room to himself and a bath with nice hot water. He cleans up and heads off to bed planning on meeting Salena and Avara the next day to eat and talk. Ester’s brother tells her some surprising news but asks her not to tell her mom. What could it be?

Puddles Saves Peepers the Chicken πŸ–πŸ”

Splash has let all the animals out of the barn and they are getting ready for a soccer game. Splash tells the animals that Puddles is in charge because he has to go to town with Farmer Vernon. He also tells them to stay out of the back field because there has been some trouble there. Peepers doesn’t think Puddles is smart enough or brave enough to be in charge. Peppers decides to head out to the back field and show everyone how brave and smart he is.