Nicole And The Box In The Barn P.9 ✨

Nicole visited the attic to see what her Mother had been talking about. She found a journal belonging to her Great-grandfather and decided maybe it was time to tell her Mother about all the stuff that had been happening. Will her Mother believe her? Nicole tells her everything, and then they take a walk to the garden.

Puddles Meets Stinky The Skunk 🐖🐕🦨

Puddles and Splash are back with a new adventure. Things have been quiet on the Hampshire Farm, and Puddles and Splash like that. After letting the animals out, they get ready to take a walk around the farm and fields before joining Farmer Vernon to fix some fences. As they head over to the farmhouse to see what Farmer Vernon left as a treat for Puddles, they find a surprise in the garden. 

Nicole And The Box In The Barn P.8 ✨

When Nicole walked back through the garden, she heard her Mother calling her. When she arrived at the house, she smelled something amazing. As she and her mom discussed what Nicole had done all morning, they started talking about the history of the house, and Nicole’s mom mentioned a secret room.

Bernice Has A Strict Teacher 🐻

Bernice has a new teacher, and she thinks she is very strict. As she tells Papa Bear about her day and why she feels this way, they eat some new cookies. Bernice has some homework to do before dinner and hopes that the new teacher won’t be too angry with how she has done it.

Nicole And The Box In The Barn P.7 ✨

Nicole has gone through the door again and met Angus. Angus wonders where she went the day before, and they talk about the differences between their homes. Angus invites Nicole to come to his house and try some fresh milk, and they start walking.

Bunny Boo is Missing! 🐇

Ryan needs to stay home and look after his little sister, Zoe. He is older than Zoe and isn’t so happy about this. Zoe and Ryan eat dinner, and as she is getting ready for bed and he is playing video games, Zoe realizes that Bunny Boo, her rabbit, is missing. She cannot sleep without Bunny Boo, where could she be?

Bernice Has A Sleepover 🐻

The day of Gertrude’s party has finally arrived, and Bernice is super excited. When she gets home, she talks to Papa Bear a bit about her day and asks if she could sleep over at Gertrude’s house. Bernice hopes that Papa and Mama will say it is okay.

Nicole And The Box In The Barn P.6 ✨

Nicole could not believe what she saw when she walked through the door. It was her barn, but it was so new-looking. Meeting Angus was interesting but got her thinking. When she returned home to eat, she thought she’d be able to figure things out better on a full stomach. After lunch, she helped her mom while thinking about what she saw. When she woke up, she headed to the garden, thinking about her dream.

Margherita’s Midnight Snack Adventure 🍕

Libby arrives home soaked to the bone, and Margherita wants nothing to do with her. After she gets dried off, they sit together before dinner. Margherita receives her typical pizza dinner after Libby has finished eating, and after a while, they head off to sleep. When Libby wakes up with the moon shining in her eyes, she realizes Margherita is not in her room and looks for her. 

Bernice Loves Pizza Too 🐻

Bernice is excited about going to Gertrude’s party. She and Ethan talk about it as they walk home. Ethan says that he heard that Gertrude’s mom is ordering a lot of pizza, and they think it must be because Bobby is coming, and he loves pizza.