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We help take away the struggle that parents often experience at sleep time, by providing educating and calming entertainment that children look forward to; helping to make families happier and healthier.

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Kid friendly narration. Each story is told slowly for young ears, is family friendly and told in Sheryl’s soothing voice, ensuring both comprehension and calmness.

Eliminate screens or blue light at bedtime.The stories create a positive environment for kids to rest from their busy, screen filled lives. In addition to helping kids sleep, listening to stories helps kids learn to read and communicate.

Extensive library. New kid friendly stories are added every week and feature originals and the classics that never grow old.

Music that supports, not overwhelms. Music and sound accompaniment are by Grammy-winning artists for purpose of supporting the story and aid in lulling kids to sleep.

Children love our podcast. It engages them, fires their imagination and brings them joy.

Get more goodnights. Our stories add a little happily-ever-after to your bedtime routine.

Sleep Tight Stories is a storytelling podcast to be enjoyed by the whole family. Every week we produce calming bedtime stories that promote wonder, creativity, and fire our listeners’ imagination while helping them get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

Sleep Tight Stories was created by a wife and husband team after many years of telling stories in the classroom and with our own children.

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