Bunny Loves to Write 🐇

One lovely sunny day, Buster Bunny was going out to play in the park with his friends. “Always carrying a book!” chuckled Mom. “What is it this time, Buster? An adventure? A ghost story?”
“It’s not a storybook,” smiled Buster. “It’s a notebook. My teacher wants everyone in the class to make up a story.”
“That sounds fun,” said Mom. “What are you going to write?”
“I don’t know,” said Buster. “I can’t think of anything!”
“Oh, you’ll have lots of ideas soon,” said Mom. “But write them down right away or you will forget them!”

Buster set off to the park. Soon he met Francine the frog. “Lend me a paw with this heavy picnic basket,” she said.
“A picnic? It feels more like treasure!” grunted Buster. Then he took out his notebook. “I’ve just had my first idea. My story could be all about treasure!”

They kept walking toward the park. But soon Francine stopped. “I’m sure I just saw Max,” she said.
“Me too,” said Buster, puzzled. “But it looks like he’s disappeared.”
“As if by magic!” smiled Francine.
“Magic, huh?” said Buster. “Maybe someone could do magic in my story. Like a wizard!”
Suddenly … BOO!
Max the mouse jumped out from a bush.
“AAHHH! You scared me!” laughed Francine.
“And you’ve given me another idea,” said Buster. “Something scary. There could be spooky ghost in my story!”

The three friends started crossing a stream near their friend Sam’s house when …. SPLASH! Buster slipped into the water.

“Phew!” grinned Buster. “At least my notebook didn’t get wet! And I’ve just had another idea. One of the characters could live in the water.”
“Like a mermaid,” suggested Max.

“Hi, everyone,” said Sam. “I’ll be ready in a minute. Do you want to come up in the tree and wait?”
“What, up there?” gasped Francine. “No way! You’re almost in the sky!”
“Now there’s an idea,” said Buster. “There could be planes in my story.”
“Or space rockets,” said Max.
“Or aliens!” said Francine.

When they got to the park, the friends met Bella, Buster’s sister.
“Hi, everyone!” she said. “Hey, Buster, what are you writing!”
“I’m writing a story,” said Buster. “I’ve had lots of ideas and now I’m making them into a real adventure!”
“Cool,” said Bella. “Can we hear it?”
“Okay….” said Buster. “But it isn’t finished yet.”

Buster opened his notebook and began to read. “Once upon a time, there were a brother and a sister named Gus and Ella…”
“That’s you and me!” giggled Bella.
“They lived in a town next to a friendly wizard,” continued Buster. “He let the children play in his haunted castle.”
“A wizard! I love stories about magic!” cried Francine.
“Ooh, ghosts! Great!” cried Max.

“One day, Gus and Ella found a chest in the attic. They opened the lid. The chest was full of gold!” read Buster. “They had found the lost treasure of Meowlin! But the very next night, the treasure vanished. Where had it gone?”

Buster turned the page and continued, “In the castle moat lived a frog name Fiona, who said aliens from Mars had stolen the treasure! So the wizard waved his wand, and they all flew to Mars by magic!”

Buster stopped reading and sighed, “That’s as far as I got.”
“We’ll help you finish it!” cried Sam.

Everyone took turns writing in Buster’s notebook.
“Okay,” he said when they were finished.
“Here’s the rest of the story! I’ll read it to you.”

“The wizard tricked the aliens and took back the chest. Everyone snuck into a rocket and escaped. But the aliens followed them and caught them! Then a ghost scared the aliens away for good!” Buster said as he finished the story.

“Hooray!” everyone cheered.
“There’s just one last thing to add,” continued Buster. And he wrote:

“They all lived happily ever after. THE END!”

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