Bunny Loves to Read

Buster Bunny loved books. He read stories of princes….and pirates…and witches and wizards…he read books about trains….and dinosaurs.

One day, Buster’s friends came over. “Hi Buster!” they said. “Are you coming out to play?”
“Sure,” said Buster with a smile, “when I’ve finished my book. It’s all about pirates!”
“You’ve always got your nose in a book!” said his sister Bella. “Hopscotch is more fun!”
“Books are boring!” croaked Francine the frog. “Why read books when you can play leapfrog?”
“Racing each other is even more fun,” said Max the mouse.
“Don’t listen to them, Buster,” said Sam the squirrel. “I think books are the best!”
“Really?” asked Buster.
“Yes,” said Sam, smiling. “Books are the best — for nibbling!”
“Hey!” laughed Buster.

Then Bella said, “Come on, let’s leave Buster with his dumb old books and play outside!”
But it was raining. The friends looked out the window gloomily.
“Why don’t you read some of my books?” asked Buster, bringing out a big box.

“We don’t want to look at books,” said Sam grumpily. “We’re only waiting for the rain to stop.”
Buster took a book out of the box.
“There’s a big thunderstorm in this story,” said Buster. “It’s all about pirates hunting for buried treasure.”
“Buried treasure?” asked Sam. “Like nuts and acorns? Yum!”
“Not exactly,” replied Buster. “But it’s very exciting. Take a look!”
“I guess there’s nothing better to do,” sighed Sam.

“Frogs really hate being stuck inside!” grumbled Francine.
“This book is about a prince who turns into a frog,” Buster said.
“Good for him,” said Francine. “Does he turn back into a prince?”
“Why don’t you read it and find out?” smiled Buster.

“Being cooped up is making me sleepy,” said Max.
Buster gave Max a book. “The princess in this story goes to sleep for a hundred years!” he said.
“Really? Wow! How does she wake up?”
“Read it and see!” said Buster.
“Well, okay, but I might fall asleep before I finish it!”

“I’m bored! I’m going to get a cookie,” said Bella. “Hey, Buster, your box is in my way!”
“Can’t you just step over it?”
“Only if I take a giant step,” said Bella.
“Just like a dinosaur!” said Buster. “Some of them were bigger than a house!”

Buster looked out the window. “Hey, it’s stopped raining! Who’s coming out to play?”
“Shh! I’m still reading. The pirates haven’t found the treasure yet!” said Sam.
“And the prince is still a frog!” croaked Francine.
“And the brave knight is still searching for the sleeping princess!” cried Max.
“And I’ve just gotten to a good part about T-rex!” laughed Bella.

“So what do you want to play outside?” asked Buster when the friends all finished reading. “Hopscotch? Leapfrog? Tag?”

“Let’s pretend we can all do magic spells. If you give me a kiss, I’ll turn into a princess!” said Francine.
“Ugh! No thanks!” laughed Sam. “Let’s play pirates!”
“Look out,” said Bella. “I’m a T-rex! ROOAAR!”
“I’m off to find the enchanted princess!” cried Max.

They played pirates and dinosaurs and princes and princesses until it was time to go home.

“Do you have any other books about dinosaurs?” asked Bella.
“Sure!” said Buster.
“What about frogs?” asked Francine.
“Yes,” said Buster. “And toads too.”
“Anything else about witches and magic?” asked Max.
“Can I borrow another pirate story?” Sam asked.
“Of course you can,” laughed Buster,” as long as you promise not to eat it!”

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